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Sardool Sikander Wikipedia, Age, Career, Death , Achievements, Songs,Biography, & More

This morning some of the personalities possess much of the fame. Due to several rationales, they become influential news among peoples. Do you want to know more about Shardool Sikander? If yes, then this article will show a short story of this person. Therefore stay tuned and take a glance thoroughly. 


As the name of this person suggests that he belongs to Punjab. Shardool Sikander came into this world on 25 January 1961 village Khedi Naudh Singh, Punjab,India. You might have listened to his famous music. He possesses many talents other than this singing also. Especially he likes to sing in the Punjabi language.


  • He had much of an interest in singing. Even at a younger age, he used to sing with his elders folk of Punjabi language
  • He followed his interests and inaugurated his career as a singer in 1980. 
  • This morning he had published over 30 plus albums. All of the albums got much love and affection from people.
2014 Police in Pollywood (Actor)

2010 Akh Labdi (T-Series)

2005 Baghi (Playback Singer)

2003 The Hero: Love Story of a Spy (Playback Singer)

2002 Pyaasa (Playback Singer)

1996 Panchayat

1996 Ishq Nachavye Gali Gali (Playback Singer)

1991 Dushmani Jattan Di (Playback Singer)

1991 Jagga Daku (Police Inspector)
Duo Collaboration
2020 ‘Maula The PropheC ft Sardool Sikander

2014 ‘International Villager 2’ (Music By: Honey Singh) Yaadan (MovieBox/Planet Recordz/T-Series)

2014 ‘Nanak Naam Chardi Kalah’ (Music By Popsy) Ik Onkar (MovieBox)

2011 ‘Mere Dil Teh’ (With GV) The Song Raab (Moviebox/Music Waves/Envy)

2011 ‘International Villager’ (with Honey Singh) The Song Yadaan (MovieBox/Planet Recordz/Speed Records)

2011 ‘Close To Us’ (Without Popsy) The Song Husn Jawani (Kamlee Records)

2010 ‘Shadaiya’ with Amar Noorie (MovieBox)

2009 ‘Ik Tu Hove Ik Main Hovan’ with Amar Noorie (Peritone/Kamlee Records)
2011 ‘Charadi Khalla Tenu Samne Tu Hase’ (StarMakers) Duo Collaboration With Harjit Harman

2010 ‘ Barse Channel Divya Theme Song

2009 ‘Mayee Ne Kunda Kholeya’ (Saaga)

2006 ‘Bole So Nihaal’ (Saaga) Duo Collaboration with Hans Raj Hans

2004 ‘Darsh Maiya Da Keeta’ (T-Series)

2002 ‘Panth Khalsa’ (T-Series) Re-Released

1999 ‘Khalsa Dee Chardi Kala’ (HMV)

1992 ‘Panth Sajaya Hai’ (T-Series)

1991 ‘Seesa Dee Wanjare’ (Sargam)

2013 ‘Maa Raniye Amrit Se Meetha Tera Naam’ (T-Series)
2016 ‘Last Time VS Last Night’ (MovieBox/Japas Music)

2014 ‘Moons In The Sky’ (MovieBox/T-Series)

2012 ‘Entrance’ (Moviebox/Music Waves/Speed Records)

2010 ‘Kudi Mera Dil Di Hoya Ne Sohniye’ (MovieBox/Planet Recordz/Speed Records)

2009 ‘Ik Tu Hove Main Hovan’ (Speed Records)

2006 ‘Ous Kudi Ne’ (Finetouch/Peritone)

2002 ‘Haiya Ho’ (T-Series)

2001 ‘O Ho!’ (T-Series)

2001 ‘Hits of Sardool: Noori Vol. 1′ (Royal)

2000 ‘Sardool on A Dance Tip’ (DMC)

1999 ‘Nakhra Janab Da’ (Saaga)

1996 ‘Tor Punjaban Dee’ (Saaga)

1996 ‘Gal Sun’ (Soni Music)

1994 ‘Ik Kuri Dil Mangdi’ (T-Series)

1993 ‘Gidhe Vich Nachna’ (Asian Music Company)

1993 ‘Dance With…Sardool Sikander’

1993 ‘Jug Jug Jiyun Bhabian’ (Saaga)

1992 ‘Nachna Sakht Mana Hai’ (T-Series)

1992 ‘Munde Patte Gaye’

1991 ‘Sorry Wrong Number’ (Music Bank)

1991 ‘Doli Meri Mashooq Di’ (Saaga)

1991 ‘Roadways Di Laari’

1990 ‘London Vich Beh Gai’ (VIP Record Producers)

1990 ‘Yaari Pardesiyan Di’ (Music Bank/Smitsun Distributors Ltd.)

1990 ‘Zara Has Ke Vikha’ (Saaga)

1989-90 ‘Husna De Malko’ (Music Bank)

1989 ‘Aaja Sohniye’ (Sureela Music)

1989 ‘Gora Rang Deyin Na Rabba’ (T-Series)

1989 ‘Reelan De Dukan’ (HMV)

1989 ‘Gidha Beat: Bhabiye Gidhe de Wich Nach Lae’ (Sonotone)

Achievements Shardool Sikander Acquired From his Talent

  • He possessed many achievements in the singing field. 
  • He ranked first when he participated in a singing competition in Punjab at the age of 15 years. 
  • From even school days he initiated publishing his albums. Therefore he was designated the youngest singer in 1976.

Family of Shardool Sikander

He possesses a short and happy family. Sagar Mastana is recognized as his father. Alaap Sikander, Sarang Sikander and Amar Noorie got fame as his son and wife respectively. Enumerating this he possesses two brothers too.

Shardool Sikander with his family Alaap Sikander (Left), Sarang Sikander and Amar Noorie ( From Right )


Shardool Sikander possesses a happy married life. Therefore no information furnished from sources regarding his affairs. 

Sardool Sikander with his wife Amar Noorie

Interesting Things

  • He likes traveling to religious places such as Haridwar etc. 
  • Shardool wants to make a successful career for his son in singing only. 
  • Therefore he spends most of his time with his son.
  • He likes to enrich his extra time spending with his family.
  • Shardool Sikander possesses a graceful house in Punjab. Many times he shares his photos on social media apps.


His salary utterly depends upon the sale of his albums. But according to the news, on average he could earn around 30lakhs.

Favorite Things 

  • Basically, he loves singing Punjabi songs.
  • Shardool Sikander designates Lassi as his favorite drink.
  • Along with this, he likes to travel and explore things.
  • Shreya Ghosla is recognized as his favorite singer.


Shardool Sikander had made an album known as Huns De Maalko. This particular album made reorganizations all over the world. He likes to teach singing to his son. According to sources the chemistry of father and son rocks when they sing together. According to sources, he reveals that he will launch an album with his son.

Sardool Sikander diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus. He tried much of treatment but all in vein. Due to this rationale, he died on 24 February 2021

Final Words

Shardool Sikander possesses much of the fame but still likes to remain simple. Calmness proves his main aiding habit for his successful career.

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